freshly painted part of a car

How to care for your new paint job

A fresh paint job on a car provides an older vehicle with new life, bringing it back to its former glory. But what can you do to keep that fresh paint looking like new? Here are a few helpful hints for caring for your new paint job.

While the paint is still fresh, a period that lasts 60 days, avoid parking the freshly painted vehicle anywhere where substances such as tree sap can drop on it. This is often unavoidable so any sap, bird droppings or dead bugs that do get on the fresh paint should be washed away with mild soap as soon as possible.

Be careful when adding any fluids to your car. The chemicals in fluids such as oil and windshield wiper fluid can harm the paint, leaving behind a dull finish.

Avoid using commercial car washes within the first 60 days of having your car painted. Instead, use a mild car wash soap, not a household detergent, and clean, fresh water to hand wash your vehicle with, as well as a clean, soft cloth or sponge.

Waxing is not recommended within the first 60 days of painting, but should become a regular part of your car washing routine.


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