Insurance Deductible Explained

Insurance Deductible Explained

An Insurance Deductible is the amount the insured is required and obligated to pay for per claim, by their insurance policy. The deductible amount is chosen by the insured and is usually applied to coverages such as comprehensive and collision.

In normal collision claim circumstances your deductible will be waived if it is determined that you’re not at fault in the accident. There are usually definite, clear cut incidences to prove no fault in an insurance claim, however, there can also be some grey areas, where accidents are concerned, and it is recommended that the Insured discuss their individual situation with their Claims Adjuster.

Keep in mind that deductibles are also applied in cases of break-ins and vandalism when you require your car to be fixed by an auto body shop and if you wish to go through your insurance company to do so. You should also talk to your insurance provider about these types of situations and find out what the best options are if you find yourself to be the victim of one of these crimes.


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