Car driving in hot summer

Summer Prep for Your Vehicle - Before the Heat Wave

After a long, cold winter, it’s a relief to know that summer is just around the corner. However, before you can sit back and relax in the hot summer sun, it’s a good idea to prepare your vehicle for the warmer temperatures.

The first thing you should do is replace your air filter. Full of dirt and debris, a dirty air filter will blow dirty air at you whenever you use the air conditioning. Don’t contaminate your car and your lungs with that, and make sure you have a new, clean air filter at the beginning of every summer.

You should also check your coolant and all fluids. When it’s very hot outside the engine will run at a higher temperature, too. If your coolant level isn’t sufficient you run the risk of overheating your vehicle and being stranded on the side of the road.

At this time of year you can also get rid of that winter washer fluid and switch to a summer one instead. Choose one that will lift those dead bugs off the windshield. While you’re at it, replace your windshield wiper blades as they’ve likely earned rips and tears when wiping away ice in the winter.

Take this time to switch your tires. Using the winter ones in the summer will cause them to wear faster and don’t provide any benefit. If you kept all seasons on all winter, check the treads and air on those to ensure they’re still safe to drive.

After pounding the brakes all winter, have them checked before your summer road trip. Any squeaking or squealing could indicate that the pads need replacing, and your brake fluid should also be topped up.

The last thing you’ll want is to be stuck inside a hot car in the summer, so make sure you have your air conditioner checked to ensure it works, as well as the motors on all auto windows so you can roll them down when necessary.

And don’t forget your battery. It’s important to run at full strength no matter the season, so have it replaced if it’s not up-to-par.

In your trunk keep an extra jug of windshield washer fluid and coolant – you’ll be happy to have them, particularly if you’re taking a road trip.

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