Quality Auto Body Repair

Quality Auto Body Repair Costs Explained

The cost of auto body repairs often surprises many people when they bring their vehicle in for a quote. Even something that may seem as simple as a small scratch can result in a high price. This is because every accident and repair is different and therefore comes with a different price. Whether the repair is for safety or cosmetic reasons will affect the price and each incident will always have its own issues. For example, the deployment of airbags in a crash can add thousands of dollars to the repair cost. Also adding to the repair cost is the fact that every style and model year of vehicle has different and, most often, distinct or stylized components. Even something like a specialty headlight can add to a repair bill and because most newer cars have some form of computerized systems, that are definitely not generic, repairing these vehicles is often significantly higher.

At Newmarket Auto Body, we always try to keep the costs down for our customers, while still following the directions of both the insurance company involved and the owner of the vehicle. But please keep in mind that what may look like a simple repair on the outside, may not be so simple once we get inside

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