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The Four ‘R’’s of the Body Shop

These days individuals and businesses are trying to do what they can to reduce their impact on the environment and Auto Body shops are no different.  

Obviously the biggest “R” in a Body Shop is “REPAIR” however Newmarket Auto Body is continually taking steps in an effort to be a more environmentally friendly facility.

RECYCLE - All scrap metal, aluminum wheels etc. are recycled. We try to limit what is thrown away.  It just makes more sense.

REUSE - Whether it’s office or shop supplies, the staff at Newmarket Auto Body try to reuse wherever possible.

REDUCE - In all jobs our trained and experienced staff will do whatever they can to repair auto body parts instead of replacing them.  Obviously this is not only beneficial to the environment but also to our customers’ wallets.  We also have a new building with eco-friendly paint booths and use only non-toxic waterborne paints. This new system allows us to accomplish so much more, and faster, while at the same time making a safer environment for our staff and your vehicle.  

At Newmarket Auto Body we are continuing to make our shop more environmentally friendly while still providing quality repairs for your vehicle.


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