Rust Protection Spray

The Importance of Rust Protection

There is a four letter word which upsets Canadian car owners-RUST!

In Canada, ice, snow, salt, major weather changes, and the all too common, gravel road, can wreak havoc on, not only your car’s paint job, but can eventually cause more serious problems. Because of this, it is highly recommended that car owners have some kind of rust protection. Constant driving, especially on gravel or dirt roads, can cause chips in your car’s paint which leaves the body exposed and ready for corrosion. A good rust spray, every 12 to 18 months, can really help protect any major corrosion and can prevent a variety of repairs.

Make sure your vehicle is clean, including the undercarriage, before the rust protection is applied. And ensure that you keep up the applications, if you plan on driving your vehicle for many years.  Vehicles can last many years in Canada as long as the Canadians driving them take care of them.


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