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Tires - All Season or Every Season?

Choosing tires for your vehicle can be a daunting task.  Gone are the days when car owners in Canada always had two sets of tires and, much like adjusting your clocks twice a year, switching your tires for the season took place at the same time every year. With the introduction of All Season tires car owners were given the option of no seasonal tire changes, This can be very convenient however the effectiveness of All Season tires is dependent on many factors and possible compromises.  With new technology “High End” All Season tires can be effective for Canadian winter driving** but consumers must keep in mind that you get what you pay for. In making your decision you must consider the following:

Does your vehicle have front, rear or all-wheel drive? A vehicle with better grip in poor conditions would be a candidate for all season tires.

Do you limit your winter driving or do you drive regardless of conditions? Are your routes normally plowed and salted or are you a regular on irregular roads?

With our intense Canadian winters it is still recommended that car owners annually switch to winter tires but, with proper vehicle maintenance, tire rotation/pressure and responsible driving habits, All Season tires could meet your driving needs.

**Richard Russell, columnist-Globe Auto, The Globe & Mail


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