Vehicle History Reports

Vehicle History Reports

The purchase of a new-to-you used vehicle is an experience that can come with some apprehension if the buyer is not aware of the vehicle's history. To set buyers’ minds at ease, there are a number of services that will provide used vehicle history reports for a nominal fee.

At Newmarket Auto Body, we recommend that everyone purchasing a used vehicle invests in one of these reports because it provides such information about the car as odometer readings, the vehicle's identification number (VIN), as well as the registration history, if the vehicle has been in any major accidents and much more.

What the vehicle history report does not provide is any previous owner information, repair or service information. But even without these items it provides the buyer with the peace of mind they need to feel confident in their used car purchase and ensure there are no real surprises accompanying that purchase.

People who are selling used cars should know that they're only required to provide the vehicle history report if they’re doing so privately. When selling to a dealership or used car lot the report isn’t required.

If you are buying or selling a vehicle and need to know whether or not you can have access to or must provide a vehicle history report, please consult the Ministry of Transportation’s website for full details at


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