view of a car on frozen road

Winter Driving Tips

Even though we live in a country when winter comes every year, like it or not, the first real snow makes many drivers forget basic driving safety. As a helpful refresher service, here are a few winter driving tips.

  • Slow down when traction is reduced. While this might seem obvious, many drivers seem to disregard snow and ice on the roads, at least until that first skid serves as a wake-up call.
  • Make sure all of your windows, not just the front, are clear of snow, ice and other obstructions. Drivers need to look further down the road to be aware of unsafe traffic, road and weather conditions. 
  • Ensure all of your lights are working and clear of snow or ice. You need to make sure other drivers can see you and your signals and that you can see them.
  • Winter roads that seem safe can be slippery, such as when ice or slush is hidden under a layer of soft snow. Make sure that you don’t speed, keep well back from the car in front and start slowing down early when approaching traffic lights and intersections. 
  • After waiting at a red light, allow a few seconds before you begin moving on the green. Always be prepared for other drivers who may not be driving for winter conditions and the possibility of their cars sliding or skidding through their red light and entering the intersection in error.
  • The bulkiness of winter coats and boots can interfere with your ability to control the car; even some gloves can cause you to lose your grip on the steering wheel. Of course you must dress for the weather conditions but it might be better to take along your winter coat and boots while dressing comfortably for maximum control when travelling on wintry roads. 
  • Always check the road conditions and weather reports before heading out; allow yourself extra time, not just for the drive but for preparing your car, such as clearing off snow and ice and defrosting windows. Rushing is not worth the trouble. Be prepared to stay home in adverse conditions because, ultimately, no trip is worth your life.

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