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Expert Auto Body & Collision Repair

We are your one-stop shop for auto body and collision repairs. Free Estimates with convenient appointment times. Insurance Claims or Private Repairs. We offer a State-of-the-Art, Eco-Friendly Facility. It’s no accident that we’re preferred and referred.

State-of-the-art Autobody Repairs in Newmarket and the Surrounding Area

Newmarket Auto Body specializes in autobody repairs and is a member of New Roads Automotive Group, serving Newmarket and the surrounding area. Founded more than 40 years ago, our repair shop is now a preferred one-stop destination for everything from minor repairs to major bodywork to touch-ups and eco-friendly painting. As trusted service providers, we are focused on delivering optimum quality and customer satisfaction. We believe this commitment has helped us build our reputation and become Newmarket’s choice for efficient automobile repair jobs.


Our team of technicians, with state-of-the-art equipment, showcases their skills, experience, and workmanship even with the most challenging repairs. No matter the scale of damage, we can restore your vehicle at our 15,000-square-foot facility and ensure it is ready to perform on the road again.

Our Services

As Newmarket’s dependable auto body and collision repair experts, here’s what we do:

Whether your car requires general repairs and touch-ups or major restoration and painting after collision damage, we can be your go-to technicians. We provide expert autobody and collision repairs and deal with dents, dings, scratches, glass replacement, frame straightening, and more. Our computerized paint matching system enables us to perform accurate paint jobs that give your vehicle the best possible finish.

At Newmarket Auto Body, we can arrange reliable towing for your vehicle from a professional towing service that will arrive promptly and tow you safely. We ensure there are no hassles and no compromises on safety.

Hassle-free Insurance Claims

We understand that filing insurance claims might get stressful when you are already worried about getting your car repaired after an accident. We work with all insurance companies to facilitate claims processing on your behalf. We will ensure everything happens smoothly, and after the repairs are completed, we will bill your insurance providers directly.

Lifetime Warranty on Workmanship

Newmarket Auto Body has a very transparent approach to business. If you are considering autobody repairs with us, you can always request a free estimate; just call us to book an appointment. To provide quality assurance, we also offer a warranty on our workmanship for as long as you own the vehicle. When you trust us with your big or small car repair needs, delivering convenience and peace of mind becomes our priority.

Call us to learn more about our autobody and collision repair services.

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The Different Types of Autobody Damage

It does not matter how carefully you drive. At some point, your vehicle will suffer damage that is outside of your control. Some severe accidents and collisions can lead to catastrophic damage, but others can damage the autobody and need to be repaired.


Staying informed of specific types of car body damage can help you choose the right auto body shop. Additionally, good understanding allows you to assess the success of repair work.


  • Major crashes and accidents: Intense car accidents can cause considerable body damage that requires comprehensive and expensive repairs. However, these repairs are crucial for restoring your automobile to its manufacturer's specifications and extending its lifespan.

  • Weather damage: Cars face the elements year-round, leading to weather-related deterioration. Road salt, hail, rain, and sun exposure can cause rust to form on their bodies. Repair mechanics can treat rust with anti-rust chemicals or suggest replacing rusted metal parts.

  • Cracked windshields: Cracked windshields can often be fixed with resin adhesives or injections. However, if the windshield crack is severe, it will need complete replacement.

  • Body dents: Dents can vary in dimensions and severity. Larger dents that affect a considerable part of your vehicle may require extensive repairs. However, minor dents can be fixed with body fillers or paintless dent repair techniques. 

  • Fender benders: Although they may seem negligible, fender benders can cause invisible damage to your car’s configuration and alignment. A detailed examination is essential to determine any underlying problems that need attention.

  • Bumper damage: Rear-end collisions often result in bumper impairment. While severe damage necessitates a complete bumper replacement, minor cracks can be repaired with body fillers.

  • Suspension damage: Hitting curbs or potholes can damage your car’s suspension. Minor issues might only need realignment, but more severe damage to components like the ball joint or shock absorber will require replacement.

  • Paint damage and scratches: Scratches on your car’s paint are unavoidable. Buffing helps with minor scratches, but a new paint job is required for significant damage.


Car body damage can be managed efficiently by opting for a reliable and professional autobody repair shop. You can count on Newmarket Auto Body and connect with us for a repair service.

The Importance of Timely Autobody Repairs in Newmarket

Delaying anything can prove expensive. This also holds true for repairs to collision damage. A little dent can become a significant concern if neglected, as exposure to dampness and the atmosphere can cause rust. Addressing impairment promptly prevents minor issues from becoming costly repairs and maintains your car's structural integrity and aesthetics.


As time is of prime essence, here are the benefits of rapid response autobody repairs:


  • Preserve performance and safety: Timely upkeep ensures your vehicle operates optimally, providing a smoother and safer drive.

  • Mitigate additional damage: Speedy repairs prevent added wear and tear, saving money and avoiding safety hazards.

  • Prevent road mishaps: Addressing issues timely lowers the risk of accidents and malfunctions, contributing to safer roads.


Acting fast on vehicle repairs maintains performance, guarantees safety, and preserves you from possible casualties. It keeps your vehicle’s performance, tire life, fuel economy, and overall safety intact. Without timely attention, even apparently insignificant issues can snowball into enormous issues, affecting the vehicle’s long-term performance and safety.

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Every Time Perfect

“Always Excellent Service! I’ve been going for 6 years & every time perfect. If not talk to them and they’ll make it perfect. I feel like a part of their extended family. Thank you Val & Caterina for your help with my Volvo.”

-Zaib R.


 Insurance Claims

We work with all insurance companies to facilitate claims processing on your behalf. We will ensure everything happens smoothly.



We can arrange reliable towing for your vehicle from a professional towing service that will reach you promptly and tow you safely. We ensure there are no hassles and no compromises on safety.

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