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Collision Repair and Auto Body Painting for Vehicles in Newmarket

Vehicles require professional repair and maintenance from time to time. Especially after collision damage, your car needs the services of trusted auto body technicians. Newmarket Auto Body offers autobody repairs, collision repairs and auto body painting services. We are equipped to handle everything from mild dents to severe damage.


Our auto repair facility in Newmarket has advanced equipment and technology that enables us to deliver quality repairs in a timely, cost-efficient manner. We also have two painting booths where we use eco-friendly waterborne paints. Whether your vehicle’s bumper needs a repair or the entire frame of your car has to be restored, you can trust the experience and expertise of our technicians. 

Rest assured; we work to ensure that your vehicles look and perform like new again. Contact us for information.

Automobile Collision Repairs

Accidents and collisions expose vehicles to varying degrees of damage. Fortunately, the damage can be repaired to restore your vehicle to its original condition.

Newmarket Auto Body provides the following collision repair services:

Computerized estimations

Frame straightening

Windshield replacement

Dent and scratch repairing

Glass parts replacement

Wheel repairs and replacements

...and much more

General Repair Services

We offer the following general repair services for your automobiles:

Paintless dent repairs

Computerized paint matching

Auto painting services

Computerized “baking” to secure new paint jobs

Chipped painting repairs

Scratches and dent fixing

Professional touch-ups

Insurance claims services

...and much more

The Importance of Professional Auto Body Painting in Newmarket

Professional auto body painting is crucial for several reasons:


  • Protection against elements: Auto painting is a shielding measure beyond looks. Quality painting protects against environmental deterioration, such as rust, UV rays, and corrosion, extending the vehicle's lifespan.

  • Resale significance and external look: A superior paint job greatly enhances a vehicle’s curb appeal and suggests it has been properly maintained. This increases its resale value enormously and helps make a faster sale at a higher price.

  • Professional expertise: Auto body mechanics have the training and knowledge to accomplish seamless painting jobs that look amazing and provide long-lasting security.

  • Pre-painted auto parts: Choosing pre-painted auto parts means the painting was done in a controlled setting, ensuring a better, consistent and lasting finish.

  • Types of auto painting: Different kinds of auto painting are undertaken, such as single-coat, two-coat (clearcoat/basecoat), and tri-coat, each offering varying gloss levels, depth and defence.


Professional auto body painting combines aesthetics and durability, ensuring your vehicle looks fantastic and is well protected against various forms of damage.

How Paint Matching Works for Collision Repairs

Auto body painting is done for more than just dent removal. It is a transformation process to make your vehicle look like new again. Central to this modification is the proficiency of paint matching. Complexities are involved, and expertise is required to match paint to revive your vehicle’s aesthetic appeal. The advantages of expert paint matching are:


  • Attractive exteriors: Any vehicle's first impression is its outlook. In case of a collision or paint chipping, it is essential that the new paint matches the original. Accomplishing an exact match involves ensuring the shine, texture, special effects, and hue are similar to the authentic colour. Professional auto body painters do this.

  • Advanced paint matching technology: Modern auto shops leverage cutting-edge paint matching equipment to synchronize and blend colours. Experts undertake paint matching while considering tonality, lightness, and intensity. This information is compared against an extensive library of paint directions, pinpointing the accurate shade and decreasing dependence on manual matching or guesswork.

  • Custom paint formulation: Usually, an ideal paint match necessitates custom-tailored colouring. Mechanics fine-tune the paint procedure, considering wear, environment, and the vehicle’s specific paint properties. This customization ensures a repair that is harmonious with the vehicle’s entire appearance, irrespective of its distinctive paint features or history.

  • Resale value: Vehicles restored with masterful paint matching command higher market value.

  • Ensuring human touch: A prominent body shop knows that flawless paint is beyond technology—it’s a craftsperson’s autograph. Rigorous quality checks and sample applications confirm the repair’s colour consistency under diverse lighting. This dedication to quality distinguishes superior paint matching services.

  • Owner's delight: The assurance of an impeccable repair offers vehicle owners a sense of confidence and content.

Entrusting your vehicle to a trusted auto body shop ensures the paint matching craft is done seamlessly.

Signs When Collision Repair Is Necessary

Are you wondering when collision repair is necessary? Here are a few example and indications: 


  • Alignment issues: Is your vehicle pulling to one side, or is your steering wheel not centred? Your vehicle may have alignment issues, which require repair to ensure safe driving.

  • Unusual noises or vibrations: Do you feel post-collision vibrations or hear weird sounds? The reason could be frame damage or signal misaligned parts. Get it inspected to prevent further issues.

  • Visible damage: Broken lights, dents, or a misaligned bumper indicate collision impairment. Even negligible cosmetic problems can need immediate attention to ensure continued driving safety.

  • Warning lights: Dashboard warning lights post-collision indicate potential damage. Have your vehicle inspected by professionals to address any underlying issues.

  • Decreased fuel efficiency: A decline in fuel efficiency may mean invisible mechanical damage from a crash. Professional repairs can help fix your vehicle’s performance.

Why Choose Us

Here are a few reasons why you should consider Newmarket Auto Body for your auto repair needs in the Newmarket and surrounding areas:


  • ​Our facility has the required equipment, and our technicians have long years of hands-on experience in the auto repairing industry.

  • ​We provide a lifetime warranty on our auto body repair services, so you can have peace of mind when you entrust us with your vehicle repairs.

  • ​ We work with many insurance providers to facilitate convenient claims processing on your behalf.

  •  Before it leaves our facility, your car goes through a series of quality control checkpoints, and we ensure it is safe to drive.

  • ​Our friendly staff is always happy to address your queries and consider your suggestions when we repair your cars.


Call us to learn more about our offerings and policies.


Direct Billing Options

If you have insurance policy coverage, our staff will facilitate claims processing and provide the option for direct billing!

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