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Top 5 Causes of Auto Accidents

Car accidents are just that, unfortunate accidents that occur when you least expect it. Though we call them accidental, the fact is that many automobile accidents are actually avoidable. The Ministry of Transportation has compiled a list of the top five causes of auto accidents. We encourage you to read through them so that you are aware of what situations are likely to result in an accident and be better prepared should you encounter such a situation.

Distracted drivers. Talking, eating, applying makeup and texting are among the top distracters for drivers. Fortunately new laws are in place to help reduce the number of accidents caused by distracted drivers, but some people are still not abiding by the laws. Drivers should avoid talking on a cell phone, unless they are using a Bluetooth device, eating, drinking or self-grooming while driving. All of these can turn a distracted driver into a dangerous driver.

Drunk driving. Thankfully statistics are decreasing for drunk driving accidents thanks to the help of public awareness, advertising, reduced allowable alcohol levels and new laws that impose stiffer sentences on drunk drivers. Every driver who gets behind the wheel of a car has enough knowledge to know that drinking and driving just don’t mix, so just don’t do it.

Aggressive driving. Aggressive driving versus defensive driving not only puts the driver at risk, but also other drivers, passengers and even pedestrians. Drivers must use their common sense on the road; keeping a safe distance, making decisions based on road conditions and not taking unnecessary risks on the road will reduce a driver’s chance of getting in an accident, losing the vehicle and possibly their life.

Road rage. Losing your cool behind the wheel is never a good thing. While many drivers will make mistakes on the road, no one should ever resort to road rage such as cutting off another driver. Everyone on the road must try to stay calm, keep a safe distance and get home in one piece.

Irregular car maintenance. Brakes, tires and engines can fail at any time if not properly and regularly maintained. Keeping a vehicle regularly maintained can help drivers avoid accidents and possible injuries.

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