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Be In-The-Know About the Repair Process

Should the unfortunate action of getting in an automobile accident ever happen to you, it’s best to be prepared for the road ahead. Knowing what’s coming in the repair process is half the battle, and will help you keep a calm head on your shoulders when things seem to be out of your control.

Keep in mind that auto body repair shops must follow a strict process when dealing with insurance companies. This means that if your vehicle arrives at the shop in a non-drivable condition, we may have to wait for your insurance company representative to inspect your vehicle and/or authorize the repair of the vehicle.

Once you have received the estimate of what it will cost to repair your vehicle, you will also be advised of the target date of completion of those repairs. This is the date we hope to return your vehicle to you, but should there be a delay, we’ll do our best to inform in you in advance. Make sure you leave us with up-to-date contact information, including home and cell phone numbers, as well as an e-mail address, where you can be reached.

Sometimes the actual repair time of vehicles takes longer than the original expected date of completion. Things like backordered parts, incorrect parts received, or additional parts or repairs required can all hold up the process. Please understand these things are beyond our control.

Ensure you are aware of the details about your car rental allowance in your insurance policy. The allowance can differ from one policy holder to another, so be sure you know what your rental maximum and daily rate are.

When your maximum car rental allowance is up, the responsibility falls to you to make alternate rental arrangements, or discuss a possible extension with your insurance adjuster. We recommend taking a vehicle that has a lower daily rate, when possible, to get more days out of your rental allowance, because as they say, less is more.

Depending upon the circumstances of your accident or collision, you may also be responsible to pay a deductible. These are payable to the body shop upon completion of your vehicle’s repairs. It is important you speak with your adjuster about your deductible so you know whether you will be responsible for this payment.

For more helpful information about the repair process at Newmarket Auto Body, please read our other blog posts. Contact us at 905-898-7388 for all of your auto body repair needs.

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