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Driving Lessons: Driver’s School or Home Taught - Which is Best?

Updated: Mar 5

Without a doubt, the best answer to that question is that attending a driver’s school is best, due to the many advantages for the new driver who graduates from a reputable, licensed driver training program. True, there is an initial cost involved, but it’s worth the investment, especially when you consider the potential for future savings that will offset the initial outlay. For example, many insurance companies offer a premium discount to drivers who successfully complete an approved driving program. Even more important, better training reduces the possibility of accidents, a savings of injury and life. At-fault accidents also cost money in terms of increased insurance rates, so there is the potential to save money that way as well. 

The biggest benefit of taking lessons is that new drivers will have more confidence in their skills and the training they receive encourages them to become more responsible drivers. As a bonus for those who take an MTO-approved beginner’s driving course, a G1 license holder may qualify for a four month reduction in the minimum licensing period. 

Most high schools still offer Driver’s Ed courses, which are very convenient and sometimes even a little less costly, but there are many reputable driving schools offering different levels of training. New drivers should spend some time investigating and comparing several of these driving courses in order to find one that is good value for their money; this will also give them an opportunity to determine if the chosen course is acceptable for MTO purposes and for possible insurance premium reductions. New drivers should take their time, speak with their insurance providers and look at all their options. But it is the recommendation of most industry and insurance experts, if not all, that driving lessons are definitely the way to go.

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