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General Car Care Tips

Updated: Mar 5

A vehicle purchase is not only expensive but time consuming and most people want their cars to last for as long as possible. Properly maintaining the vehicle is one way to ensure this happens. To help our customers maintain their vehicles, we'd like to offer some helpful tips.

Here are some of our favourites:

Rinse your car before washing it. Make sure you get any harsh grime and dirt off the car before you start washing it. If you just start washing with a soft cloth or sponge, you can scratch the car's surface with any tiny pebbles or rocks that may be in the dirt.

Don't use household detergents to wash your car. It may seem like a good idea to grab the dish detergent and add it to a bucket of hot water to wash the car, but household detergents can actually harm the finish of your car, dulling the finish and making the car appear older than it is.

Avoid car washes that use recycled water. It may sound like a good idea to be environmentally friendly and use recycled water, but it can contain particles that can scratch, dent and damage your car's exterior.

Clean sap, bird droppings and dead bugs off your car's surface with mild soap as soon as you can. All of these items contain acids and other chemicals that can eat through the finish of your car, which can eventually lead to rust.

Have chips and scratches touched up by your auto repair centre as soon as possible? Leaving the damaged areas exposed to the elements can cause blisters in the finish as well as rust.

When removing bumper stickers or window decals, use a hair dryer, on the low setting, on the sticker, then scrape away using an old credit card or similar item that won't scratch the surface.

If you haven't followed these general car care tips in the past and need to spruce up your aging car's appearance please bring it by our Kent Drive location and we’ll be happy to help. Call Newmarket Auto Body at 905-898-7388 .

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