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Motorists’ Rights

Updated: Mar 4

When a driver is involved in a collision, many people feel that what happens afterwards is out of their control. Drivers should not feel this way because they do have a number of rights that must be maintained following an accident.

As the owner of a vehicle involved in an accident, it's up to you to decide where you want your car towed and repaired. Don't let anyone from the reporting centre, tow truck company or another person involved in the crash tell you where to take your car.

Though your insurance company may request multiple estimates on a car, according to Ontario law, the owner's only obligation is to choose the repair facility of choice and inform the insurance company. The company's insurance adjuster may arrange to do his or her own estimate and the vehicle's owner must advise the insurance company where the car can be inspected.

Most collision repair facilities guarantee their work, but the onus is on the vehicle's owner to ensure they are given an actual warranty that outlines what is or is not covered in the guarantee.

Vehicle owners should not feel obligated to follow the repair centre's schedule for repairs. You have the right to have any repairs done within a reasonable amount of time, though it is the owner's responsibility to inspect the vehicle before taking it home. At this point, the owner must advise the body shop of any issues as soon as possible.

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