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No Fault Insurance

Updated: Mar 4

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding the term “No Fault Insurance”. The name is a bit misleading because, for insurance purposes, it does matter who caused the accident.

What “No Fault” Insurance really means is that if you are involved in an accident you will deal with your Insurance Company only, regardless of who is at fault. All repair costs and possible compensation will be handled by your Insurer. You no longer have to fight with the other driver’s Insurance Company. Once you file a claim your Insurance Adjuster and the other Insured’s Rep will determine the full fault or % of fault by each driver and they will arrange payments between the companies based on this information. This clarification of fault will not only determine if you will be required to pay a deductible for your repairs but will set in motion any possible premium increases.

You should always discuss this situation with your Adjuster and know that you always have recourse if you are not satisfied with any decision made.

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