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Replacing Your License Plates

License plates are your vehicle’s identity. They tell the people that need to know who your car belongs to, and helps them keep track of the vehicle’s movements. If your plates have been lost or damaged in an accident, you must check the Ministry of Transportation’s website at to find out the procedure for getting new ones.

You will need:

  • A complete Replacement Declaration Form, available at Service Ontario license offices, filled out by the owner and the police officer present at the accident, or the reporting centre if no police was present

  • The name of the police officer present, where applicable, and the occurrence number of the accident, which can be obtained at the reporting centre.

  • Any remaining plates will need to be handed in, so don’t throw them out

  • The name of your insurance company.

  • The vehicle’s ownership and insurance policy.

Once all of this information is gathered and the forms are completed, they can be taken to the licensing office to have new plates issued.

The rules may be different for people with personalized plates, or if the validation sticker has been lost with the plates. This information will be available on the MTO's website, along with the fee schedule for replacing lost plates.

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