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Roadside Assistance

When your car is broken down at the side of the road is not the time to decide on Roadside Assistance. Now, is the time! Changing technology has made it very difficult for the average driver to perform quick fixes on the side of the road and, as such, enrollment in Roadside Assistance plans has dramatically increased.

There are many plan options to choose from; many of them include incentive add-ons such as discounts for purchases, travel planning and bonus points. You need to determine which, if any, are beneficial to you; there’s no point in paying for extras that you won’t use, but if a particular benefit offered by a plan is valuable, that might sway the decision for you.

Many new or certified pre-owned car purchases now include free roadside assistance packages as well as credit card companies and even some cell phone plans. The basic coverage these provide may be all that you require, but examine the limits of the coverage and any additional payments if you need service beyond the basic coverage. You might want more than just the tire service and towing of a basic plan and you might need a plan that covers all drivers of the vehicle not just the owner. You might also ask about a multi-vehicle plan or an “On-Request” plan. Other differences between basic and premium plans include the number of allowable tows per year and the towing distance. Inquire about the average response time and if any of the services provided require up-front payments to be reimbursed later, as opposed to an all-inclusive plan. A thorough comparison, including premiums, will help you to decide what plan fits your requirements and your wallet. Remember that you can always change your plan: if you begin with a basic plan and it isn’t sufficient, ask the company to upgrade you.


If your car does require a tow, keep our shop and services in mind. We are Newmarket Auto Body at 905-898-7388, or just stop by the shop at 505 Kent Dr. in Newmarket.

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