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What to Do With Your Total-loss Vehicle

A total loss vehicle, also known as a write-off, is the term applied to cars that will cost more money to fix than what they are worth. There is absolutely nothing a body shop can do when the total cost of accident repairs exceeds the book value of a vehicle and for the most part, when that situation arises, the insurance company will proceed to write-off the car.

Unfortunately we're seeing this happen more and more often these days as parts and repair costs increase and because many people are driving older vehicles with lesser book values. With these lower payout values of cars it becomes more difficult to find comparable or similar vehicles when the time comes for a replacement.

One option that the owner has in the case of a write-off is to take the cash value of the vehicle from the insurance company, as well as the wrecked car and proceed to fit it yourself. However, this could end up costing a lot more in the long run, which is why most people accept payment from the insurance company towards a new vehicle.

Once accepted, the insurance company will sell the vehicle as salvage, but owners are encouraged to get as much out of their car before that happens. For example, they should switch the tires they just bought for older ones, and take out the specialty radio they installed and replace it with an old radio. Keep in mind that whatever you take must be replaced.

At Newmarket Auto Body we tell each of our customers that every situation is different that's why it's so important to ask any questions you may have before signing off on anything.

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