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What You Need to Know About a Tow

It’s likely that we’ll all need a tow at some point and that’s why it’s good to know a little bit about towing before the need arises for you.

Most municipalities have bylaws for tow trucks and drivers, particularly for licensing and soliciting. Some towns and municipalities also have stringent bylaws for maximum tow cost regulations, areas of operation and even driver behaviour. This is all to protect and help drivers in need of a tow.

As a driver and vehicle owner, it is your responsibility to check with the tow truck driver for rates and what they will charge you for your tow, including any extra charges such as wait time, before you allow them to hook up your vehicle.

Unless directed by the police due to hazards, traffic interruption, or a safety issue, you have the right to decline a tow from a specific tow company. You also have the right to determine where you want your vehicle towed, as long as the request is reasonable. Just be sure to make any requests or decisions prior to your vehicle being hooked up since a hook-up means that you are basically accepting the services and decisions of that tow company.

You have the right to decline having your vehicle towed to the towing company’s yard if you can give a reasonable alternative. Though tow truck drivers cannot offer body shop referrals, they can give you some choices if you ask, providing an alternative to the towing yard.

There is currently a private member’s Bill before the provincial government that will enforce the towing industry to be self-regulating in accordance with standard rules and would form The Towing Industry Council of Ontario. These standard practices will be beneficial to Tow Companies and drivers.

If you don’t have a membership in a roadside assistance plan, you should make yourself aware of reputable tow companies and body shops in your area, as well as what your insurance coverage is for this service. We all hope to never need a tow, but it’s better to be prepared. We can provide some options just give us a call at 905-898-7388.

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