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Windshields - Repair or Replace?

It used to be that a cracked or chipped windshield instantly meant it had to be replaced. But times have changed and many minor damages can now be repaired instead.

Before you can decide between repairing and replacing, however, the damage must be appraised by a professional to determine if it has caused any structural issues to the windshield. If you’ve ever had a small crack before, then you’ll know it can quickly turn into a large one.

When a windshield has been weakened by damage it loses the safety it was designed to provide. Windshields are made of laminated safety auto glass, but can’t give full protection if the windshield is damaged. That’s why it’s so important to address any windshield issues as soon as possible.

Once assessed, the replacement or repair decision will really depend on the type, size, location, and severity of the damage. More often than not, if the windshield is damaged due to an auto accident it will need replacing, even if only cracked, because cracks at the edge of the windshield tend to spread – reducing the safety and integrity of the glass.

If there is a crack or chip in the driver’s viewing area then the windshield will likely be replaced because repairing anything in this area can impede the driver’s line of vision.

When considering repairs and replacements, check your comprehensive insurance coverage to see if you have direct coverage for windshields and speak with your insurance adjuster to find out if and when your deductible applies to the windshield. If you do have to pay a deductible it may be cheaper for you, in the long run, to pay for the repair or replacement yourself. Some policies will have more advanced coverage, however the premiums will reflect that. In these cases you will have to determine which way is cheaper for you.

Whenever you have a cracked, chipped or damaged windshield, the best thing to do is have it assessed and fixed as soon as possible. Driving around with a broken windshield is not a safe option.

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